Kivra+ is a scanning service which enables you to receive all post in Kivra. Even when the original form is physical paper.

Ikon föreställande en låst skärm.

Secure storage

Your post is securely stored in your inbox. Physical scanned post will be stored in Kivra for seven years.

Ikon föreställande en adresslapp.

Simple address

The generated address to Kivra+ is short. It can easily be communicated to your partners.

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Truly paper-free

With Kivra+, your company takes a great leap of becoming paper-free. Don't be shy, telling your customers.

How it works

To be able to digitalise all your post, you will need a specific address. You will get one when you get started with the service.


Business Mailbox

Start off by logging in to your Kivra Mailbox account.


Share your new address

Inform organisations that send you physical post about your new Kivra+ address.



Your physical letters are scanned, the originals are stored.



As with all letters in Kivra, you will receive a notification when new post is delivered.

Enhance your Business Mailbox with Kivra+

Pricing Kivra+

  • Start cost: 950 SEK for activating the service
  • Monthly cost: 99 SEK (includes: 10 scanned letters/month)
  • Scanning: 7 SEK/scanned letter
  • Retrieve original: 100 SEK plus postage*
  • Home delivery: 20 SEK plus postage*
  • Handling of terminated Kivra+ account: 490 SEK per hour. In cases a user doesn't change address after terminated Kivra+ account, Kivra has the right to charge a fee. This to cover the cost for contact and administration regarding suppliers that still send their letter to the inactivated Kivra+ address.

*Postage is calculated on the basis of Postnord's current pricing.

All prices are excluding VAT. Changes in pricing may occur, users will be informed at least 3 months before an eventual change.