You can send almost any kind of document that needs to be signed in Kivra. With the difference that you don't need a pen or paper. Instead, Mobile BankID is used.

Ikon föreställande ett pussel av fyra bitar.

Easy to get started

No extra software or specialised knowledge is needed.

Ikon föreställande flera personer i grupp.

Open documents

It's not mandatory to have a Kivra account to be able to sign. Even non-Kivra users will get status updates.

Ikon föreställande klocka som går bakåt i tiden.


Agreements will be sent retroactively. When a part signs up, older agreements will be sent to his or her Kivra inbox.

Get started with agreements

How it works

Agreements in Kivra are sent via a supplier. You might already have one that is connected. Talk to them or leave us a notice of interest.



Send your agreement via your supplier.



Kivra gets a signal that a new agreement has arrived.



All parts receive a copy and sign using Mobile BankID.



For Kivra users, the agreement is stored in their archive. The supplier also keeps a backup.

Connected suppliers

More supplying companies connect continuously.

Logotyp för HRM.
Logotyp för Ekopost.
Logotyp för Accountec.

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